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User Agreement

The user agreement basically contains all the rules and regulations, terms and conditions and agreement applicable to all the vendors, merchants, distributors, buyers, etc. and also all those who access the website. “Kraftsun” reserve all the rights to make any alteration in the website and in the terms and conditions and retain the rights to deny the access to certain users who we believe will create a violation to the provision of this agreement. You are advised that any amendment to the User Agreement or rules and policies incorporated herein by reference will only be notified on the Website on publicly accessible links and you agree by accessing, browsing or using this website that this constitutes sufficient notice for all purposes against you. The amendment/notification will be effective from the date it is posted in our website.

Payment on Billing shall mean a Transaction where the payment for the items purchased is paid through the buyer (if permitted by the relevant seller) has opted to deposit the Transaction Price in the bank account of the Company by way of cash, cheque, demand draft, money order or any other mode of payment and such payment of the Transaction Price is credited to the bank account of the Company within 2 days of booking the Transaction.

Delivery / Delivered means physical delivery of the items to the buyer (for which a Transaction Price has been paid by the buyer by Payment on Billing, or such other mode of payment approved by the Company) by the seller through a reputed courier services.

In Transit/ Dispatched all mean that the items (for which a Transaction Price has been paid by the buyer by Payment on Billing, or such other mode of payment approved by the Company) have been dispatched by the seller through a reputed courier service at the address communicated by the buyer on “KRAFTSUN”

Dispatch Details means the true, accurate and valid data, information, details or documents as specified by the Company from time to time, which the seller is obligated to provide to the Company as proof that the item has been dispatched and/or Delivered, as the case maybe.

Information means and shall include any confidential and/or personally identifiable information or other information provided to the Company or other Users of “KRAFTSUN” at the time of registration, buying or listing process or through any email feature and shall include without limitation your name, email address, billing address, phone number and banking / financial information.

Valid Card means any valid credit card/ valid debit card or any other card of whatsoever nature issued by Visa or MasterCard and/or by any Issuing Bank or any institution designated to issue such cards and lawfully owned by the User of the card at the time of the Transaction as well as at the time of Refund, if any.

Issuing Bank in respect of a buyer means any bank that has issued a Valid Card (credit/ debit card) to the buyer or the branch of a bank which maintains a valid Bank Account in the name of buyer; with which the buyer makes payment of the Transaction Price.

Transaction means every electronically generated valid purchase order placed by the Buyer for purchasing the items listed by the Seller on “KRAFTSUN”

Transaction Price means the price to be paid for the items to be purchased by the buyer for every Transaction and which price shall include, if applicable, the shipping charges, insurance charges and all other taxes, duties, costs, charges and expenses in respect thereof as charged by the seller.